Commercial Painting Contractor: 7 Steps To Picking the Best Near Boca Raton

Commercial and Residential Exterior Painting Services Boca Raton, FL

Hiring a commercial painting company is as important as hiring anyone. It takes mounds of research, references, and feedback to be pretty sure where you’re putting your money in.

There are few exterior painting and interior painting companies in Boca Raton Florid a area that have accreditation is limited or even unclear thus higher the chances of you getting the bad quality output. 6 Star Painting is 100 % Licensed and Insured with proper accreditation and commercial painting reviews.

It is imperative that you should find a suitable commercial painting contractor that stands on par with both, expectations, design, and budget in the Boca Raton area.

Commercial Painting means that everything is covered, from exterior painting to interior painting, stucco and repair. 6 Star Painting has a sterling reputation in all these areas with shinning reviews.

They should also be able to have proper accreditation and insurance so you won’t be held liable for any complications that can happen during the project. You may actually recognize some of our work in in the images below.

We’ll be going over some of the important key factors one must acknowledge before jumping in and hiring your commercial painting contractor.

The Experience that they Have

First, it is important to view and observe the quality of your planned commercial painting contractor, and it is also best to know their services, and pros and cons. Make sure their outputs stand up to par with your expectations and if their skills are in level to your expected output. . 6 Star Painting has hundreds of high ratings and reviews. Spend some time to look them over

It is necessary to find the right contractor for the job. The last thing you want is throwing away your hard-earned money for mediocre output.

An effective way of filtering out your choices by seeing past works and current customer feedback. This will help you narrow your choices to fewer companies if you are at some point stuck, overwhelmed, and divided in choosing the “right guy”.

Effort in Finishing Their Work

The key factors into getting the output you have been expecting maybe through the exceptional quality of their outputs, and by observing the work ethic, workplace morale, and passion, this will help you decide easily as well. You must get to know your contractors, or you might see and realize that something you don’t like, agree or tolerate, knowing them is a must before it’s too late. 

The nature of companies has unique ways of treating their workers. Keep in mind different companies = different deals, different deals = different compromises, while treatment and services follow along those lines.  

You will need to get a contractor with workers who are passionate about their work while doing their best to create and impress. 

Contacts and Materials Used

Upgrades, updates, and new materials are always prevalent in a company that wants to move forward. It is these kinds of things that make a company stand out and remain successful.

Investing in contractors that make use of cheap or less durable materials might mean either that they’re trying to cut the cost on their expenses, don’t have the right connections, just plain bad business. So make sure you know what you’re getting at and spending for.

Commercial painting companies and their contractors are most likely to give out quality outputs due to the fact that they hold solid connections and sources for their materials and the reputation they have to keep. This gives them passes to the latest products which principle in achieving the best possible outcome of their work. At 6 Star Painting we only work with quality and long-lasting paint such as Benjamin Moore Paints and Sherwin Williams Painting and colors.


Every business painting contractual worker has its own arrangement of aptitudes, accreditation, and hard-working attitudes. These are some of the main reasons you should check various organizations and check whether you’re ready to choose one that accommodates your inclination. 

It is best to see their site and check their accreditation to see their authenticity and check whether their style fits your aesthetic.  6 Star Painting Licensed and Insured

Exterior Painting Boca Raton, specializing in Commercial and Residential Exterior Painting Services as well as Stucco Services such as application and repair.


Make it a point to check their past and recent works by keeping on the different images they’ve delivered on their page. This allows you to see how they work and what you should anticipate from them.

Documents and Insurance

Whenever you’re hiring a company, it is crucial to review and compare their work to a minimum of 2 or 3 alternative contractors. Your aim is to examine the accreditations and legitimacy that they hold and to see if you’ll be able to really trust the company to do what is expected of them.

Check their legal forms and papers,  see the necessary documents corresponding to their insurance forms.

Project Updates

Updates and follow-ups are key to running a successful line with a company. It is proper business etiquette to update their clients with the recent progress they have made so far.

This is both a beneficial relationship with the contractor and employer since you are mainly the reason you hired them, this will help both sides be able to know any potential issues and follow certain protocols during the pre-stages of your business.

This solves any forbearing problems before initiating and releasing your outputs to the public and to help smooth rough and patchy edges.

The contractor is in a position to know any possible and sudden changes or opinions of the investor which allows them to reform and restructure the project as early as possible. This saves a large amount of time, money, and effort for them to recuperate and complete the project.

Budget and Contract Details

Quality can only go so far when you don’t have an extra budget for it. Capital is the life and blood for any business and it’s only natural that you’ll need it to go far other than smarts and wits.

Try to evaluate the different companies and make sure to review their average prices to table in your budget, check their general time frame especially when it comes to the duration of releasing outputs. In that way,  it will be easier to comprehend and estimate how much you need to keep the business afloat.

Before signing any contract, thoroughly read everything to check out for loopholes, a lawyer is best for this.


If you do happen to find this article helpful or are looking for suggestions, we recommend  6 Star Painting.

This company and its contractors are by far the most reliable in bringing that “bang in your buck” not only that, but they also provide professional painting services. They’re known for their quick and efficient releases without any quality compromises.

We highly suggest you check them out.

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